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Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly

all the hits

Jahr: 2010

Sprache: Englisch

Dauer: 116 min



Titelliste: Oh Boy; That'll Be The Day; Peggy Sue; Not Fade Away; Down The Line; Holly Hop; Midnight Shift; Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonight; I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down; Girl On My Mind; Ting-A-Ling; Modern Don Juan; I'm Looking For Someone To Love; Tell Me How; Ready Teddy; Listen To Me; It's Too Late; Look At Me; Little Baby; Changing All Those Changes; You've Got Love; Place In My Heart; Love's Made A Fool Of You; Crying, Waiting, Hoping; Slippin' And Slidin'; Last Night; That's My Desire; Peggy Sue Got Married; Learning The Game; Take Your Time; Fool's Paradise; Dearest; Think It Over; That's What They Say; What To Do; Love Is Strange; That Makes It Tough; Wait Till The Sun Shines Nelly; Tremolo (Instrumental) u. v. m.

Titel: Buddy Holly

Interpret: Holly, Buddy Holly, Buddy

Verlag: ZYX Music

Kategorie: Musik, Musikgenres, Sonstiges

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